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We R in dubai for the weekend mom sis and bro we wanted to try something new plus mom wants us with her in the room and most hotels dont allow more than 2 adults :/
So i thought of trying pullman hotel its in mall of emirates and really amazing prices we had a junior sweet with a connected room for my bro

But when we reached there the hotel was packed and the man suggested that we pay abit extra like 40kd per night and we take presedential sweet wow 40 pernight tgat waa an offer cant say no to bas after we went to the room the guy called and said he miss callculated lool ya far7a matamit bas i told him its ur mistake am not paying the difference

-The suite is extra extra nice 2 bathrooms big hall dinning room and office and a lovely view at dont know what exactly bas mom calles it fountain

Reaaons for me to love this hotel the intrance is easy to mall of emirates and it has 2 spas next to it and also the fridge had cocacola not pepsi , nespresso machine and a microwave the view is very nice and by the way is that nadadibbas table in lobby ?!?!???!
What i didnt like in this hotel that the wifi really really sucks and every2 minutes i have to log in again plus breakfast area is unveleibvebly crowded and most of all to go to the elevators u go from lets say ground to 5 and then go out walk abit and go to the other elevator to go to the rest of rooms floors !!!???
Ma3ajaby halshai kilish bas mostly is good
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الثلاثاء، 27 سبتمبر 2011

support q8rain in her lovely campain Give

update :pics of my donation bags

 a message from q8rain

I'm glad that im in online community that i can called it "My online family", so they can support each other in any good cases that you have  .. Last week i came up with an idea to benfit the sick Kids at the NBK Hospital so i contacted the KACCH who's responsible of any donations to the Hospitals here in kuwait .

I shared my idea with my colleuge IYAA Blog and she offer all of her effort to make my idea alive anyway I went with her to that meeting with the KACCH at the NBK Hospital and came out with different simple idea which is Doing party for the kids every month! so because of this i emailed my online family "every blogger i knew" hoping that i will find the support from each one of them ,because it's the TIME TO PAY BACK to our community so we will be committed to do party to the kids with cancer diseases EVERY MONTH in the NBK Hospital,
Anyway our first party next week  i needed 70 Gifts so i emailed asking them to buy 5-10 gifts to the kids as much as they can "simple gifts even if its coloring books".. because i want the kids be happy in one day of their life "some of them might not make it till next week" so Kindly support this case.

Contact : Q8Rain@gmail.com

and here we R


my trip to lulu market algurain

one day in last ramadan we wen to lulu hyper market in gurain
 ofcourse this is my very first time to go to algurain market 
yes yes my very first

in lulu i was really amazed how big it is 
so much less crowded and less iky smell than the one in alrai
well i have to say more orgnised too
the imported food section made me feel like am in the states
people before buying make sure u read the price label 
nothing under a kd 

 soooo yummy treats

 egg batter
all white 
i love love love thats why i said reminded me of the states
akrah ma 3alai tekeser elbaith now this made it easier for me
lets not forget my advise to check the price tag 2.270 kd
 it has 3 floors

 ostrich egg
who buys those eggs
marzipan flower for my gorgeous
for any more lovely cooking swings
 i love this so much 
they have it in all sizes and packages 
specially the lovely
i recall she was looking for it
 back to school stuff is huge there
 i found realy nice toys there like the angry bird and helllo kitty toys
 at the shoes section i found those shoes
nurse shoes
my god low abeehom ma ligayt hom
usually we get them for the nannies and house workers
 there was a cloth and sari shop and dararee3 shop
 our carts and baskets :P

total of 249 kd 
machlat elbeet + elshaleeh +back to school supply list*3
and more of the double priced of imported food :)

the guy gave me 2 coupon books
o laman sawart he asks me sawarty my ring aham shay :/

then we had a car tour in the aswag algurain
7araaam it looked like a ghost town
allah ysam7 elli kan elsabab it was a very nice idea
here some of my spotted shops yet closed
 هلا والله بالمهفهفة
 سبونج بوب ابكل مكان
الماسوني الزنديق
 وايد تعب عالاسم من ناحيه التفكير كريتيف حق  محل عصير
اتطنز طبعا
 ستاربكس كان الشي الوحيد العايش هناك كقهوة
بس هلقني بوالبردات

 مرة اخرى نرجع للاسماء المبتكرة اللي تعبت صاحبها وايد واهو يدور اسم
همن اتطنز


الاثنين، 26 سبتمبر 2011

كافيه بزة 

كنت صايمه ومحتاجه فطووور قوي فكرت فكرت وثم فكرت ماطرى علي اللا كافيه بزة
وصراحه مكانه اليديد بجمعيه الشاميه اخطر و
اخطر خاصه اللي مايبي زحمه ومجمعات

الديكوور ماكو ولا احلى احبببه وايد ممتع جدا جدا والتفاصيل الصغيرة متعووب عليها

طلبنا مسخن التنور
ولازانيا وطبق مقبلات كانت فيه باكوورة نااااار وايد لذيذة اصليه وبطاط بزة همن لذيذ وايد والطبق الفائز كان عرايس بالتنوور رهيييييب
وبعدين لحفنا الاكل بشاي قوري ايابا ومنو يقول غرامي الشاي وعلينا انا وصويحبتي بالف عافيه

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