الجمعة، 31 ديسمبر 2010

52 degrees that was not a nice move !!

i got 2 invitations to 52 degrees from 2 different people 

and i always tell them wow still not open !! they r 2 month behind 

bas hey we have to incourage kuwaity talents dont we !

so i am not a fan of opening days cause of media coverage and no control of cameras 

and since they had it for one week so i was like ya i will go thursday best time for me cause these hours are dead to me since kids have no homework and no teaching stuff

and i knew there was about 8 people going on the same day also

i was dissapointed there is no morning timings only after 6

bas i went any way and at the entrance i met 2 grls i knew also and 2 guys and one old lady and at the door the glasses guy says we r having a photo shoot in here sorry u cant go in if u have another invitation for the photoshoot u can enter 
come after 20 minutes we might finish the shoot

hawww !! an invitation over an invitation what is that
and they had a full day till 6 to shoot u go and shoot of the times of public entering that wasnt nice we r all dressed up and made plans to go there  and at the door we r stopped

ofcourse no add was made that day to say they had shooting but u had million of adds to tell people coming soon
not facebook page
not blog
not twitter

only when somelady sent u that dhe came and it was closed that wasnt polite

u went and said on twitter at 7:30 we r sorry to say we r closed today for technical difficulties !!!!!!!!!!

again am not pleased i have 2 days to go there and am not going
the person i wasnt to support there is very dear to me i wish her well and success
bas plz forgive me for not being there for u

الأحد، 26 ديسمبر 2010

lovely surprise from my pretty friend M

 i came home one day and i found this huge bag on the table
wow who sent me this :p
and i read its from M

 it had a box from sticky sweet and a bag from thoub mariam :)

amazing love the color 3ajeeb 
and the little small deatails 3ajeeeba
so lovely
it has thoub salat+sijada+ gur2an+do3a2 5atm elgur2an+mesnba7

i had almost the same one from my late grandmother o killa a5af i use it o gets lost

and the sweet dont know the name but i shall  call it the bomb
thanks MeeeeeeeeeeeeeeM

love u:*

to order from stickysweet 
 All orders should be 24 hours ahead mobile 60775413.

and thoub mariam
i wrote on it before

to order:90994500

الاثنين، 20 ديسمبر 2010

boots anyone?

i loved loved loved their new collection of rainboots the colors are so refreshing :)

for more info contact them 

to order call 67661882

kids bday parties and gifts :s

I love it when people send kids party invitation week or 5 days earlier
hate it when am out of time to buy gifts 
i was walking round baroi and i had 2 parties to buy for them 
and here is my tour 

 basic barbie very elegant

do kids still buy barbie wella 9arat da22a 2adeema
i used to buy each eid one 
and it was veryy exiting for me


 fashion capitals barbies :)

Tefal for kids
yay so cute 
and real ones they actually work

check out how pettite they look next to my finger :p

thats the one i got after walking around for hours looking for the right gift
the is a cupcake decorator
i think it is so perfect for ages 8-10
price i think 16.500

السبت، 11 ديسمبر 2010

Kimora Lee Simmons new habba

kimora lee simmons new obsession is Chanel Classic
ما اقول اللا يا مالج الضربة اعطيج كل جناطي بس عطيني الكروك الخضرة

oh lord thank u for apple

i have been working for days now on my aunties laptop and yes it is a Dell
so so long clicks la3at chabdy
i hate it 

i dont know how i used to have one
we forget so fast
i have been clicking like a maiac on the keyboard and dragging stuff that cannot be dragged in the first place
i can tell u one thing it gave me stress pimpels :s
ana malgooofa ba5th feeha ajer 
she bought an i phone from a telecom company who told her i will add 200 softwares on ur i phone for free
and now she is stuck she cant update anything
she cant add anyting on it
the programmes y3algoon
so i said open ur own account where u dont need to go to the company each time u need anything
and yes i made that suggestion
and her happiness was worth everything to me
she will travel and left her aptop so i do the account on i tunes o anazil all her programmes till she is back i have 5 days can i make it in time
was it worth it?
dont know i shall update u
i love my apple laptop

الجمعة، 10 ديسمبر 2010

bacher mo6ar??

brain dead  i want to write and i dont want to wite my internet is ot helping so i go and say u know waht am not blogging today
i got a new macbook pro on my bday am so exited to use it my old notebook is saying bye bye
bas am a bit clinched to my old stuff i dont let go easily
anyways it was full full week 
full of ups and down emotions, trips, hw,receptions ,3azas, people in hospital, and stuff here and there 
wooooooooo ma asadg bacher sabt bismillla shelsalfa aby anam akthar aby arta7 aby more time just to stare on the wall and sit with nothing to do i dont remember when was the last time i did that :s

ellla 3ala 6ari elsabt sij bacher mo66ar??

الثلاثاء، 30 نوفمبر 2010

1000 visitor thank u

me the humble blog reached the 1000 visitor

am happy and glad

but is it normal that no one comments?

am i boring?

or the stuff are nt intresting

hmmmm madry 

i know ur reading thats what count

and i feel good blogging 


again thank u all for ur support

الأحد، 28 نوفمبر 2010

happy birfday to meeeeeee

Happy birthday to me
time stopped 
age didnt change since 3 years ago

اللهم ارزقنا طول العمر وحسن العمر واحسن الارزاق
اللهم لك الحمد حمدا كثيرا طيبا مباركا فيه

i am blessed with those lovely people around me
i do thank them for each flower they sent each cake each maccaron each gift eachmeal
each statues each call each message am overwelmed walla :*

love u all

الخميس، 25 نوفمبر 2010

my trip#5 mostly food :P


can u imagine this is macdonald's menue :P

yes its not kentacky whahahahahy

ketchup and chili sauce amust have in all restraunts and mac's has the minis 
my god one dip and its gone

i didnt order rice bas the lady infront of me did
check it out without a plate or anything its only wrapped like a burger

internet room in mac!!! 

maglab halma63am 3alsannna ray7a 3abali kfh :P
6ala3 ma63am looo3a

ba3deen ligaya the real one kfh

the menue has spagatti!!!
has no chicken nuggets imagine
has no chicken popcorn
plus there is rice as usual!!

as i said the must have
agoola 3a6ny shay a7i6 feeh el ketchub ygooli 7e6eeh seeda 3alsandwitch !!!!!
bnty tgoool way halaga shloon a7i6a chethy lazm ma3oon 7ag elketchub looool

my zinger
not round
toooo tooooo toooo small
and its not a zinger
it is one spicy chicken strip
one only in a bun
i laughed so much 

indoskrim = ice cream indonisi 
mayshaweg fa ma thegta

patat= potato chips or bo6a6
 kilish ma ta3ab 7alah galaya + chys bo6a6 emthalaj 7asafa madry ween elsooora

 the add says the best burger in town
it wasn't .

chicken fajahita at the bali deli 
now that was mm mm goood mashalla
we all had great food there 

bali deli is like  agourmet shop with groceries and a small cafe

cheeeeeeers Bali

الاثنين، 22 نوفمبر 2010

my trip#4

the weather was amazing that day
so clear
bas dont be tricked its humed killer humidity:p

so the thing was to go to a spa 
this country i tell u is full of spas 
bas u never know what is good and what is bad
bas we found this place called faboulasity feet
it was almost in all the books and brochors
so i made the appontment for all of us :P
7aadddaaaaaa b3eed o emgalgas 
bas shakla nitheef wayed

i will let u check it out with me :P

 awal shay y'3aslooon elryool o ysawooon scrub
elmufraka elprple ta5thoonha ma3akom 3ogob:p

gift area all about the feet and hand creams and scrubs very elegant

check it out from inside 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb
s'3eeeeeer bas eywannniisss

 my seat :p

they serve water first

then u stop at the sweet stand and pick the sweet u like

 small cup or big cup
ako ginger candy milk candy and mints :)
 i got  a mix of all :p

 after u sit u get to choose intertaiment
mesba7:p i know elthaher 7ag eltasbee7 :P
or a relaxing eye pad :)
my blossem tea :)
bas hathy wayed malgooba tgooli wayed etsawreeen plz relax loooool

overall the whole thing is nice bas elmessage mu li hnak :)

الخميس، 18 نوفمبر 2010

my trip#3

fish spa inside discovery mall awal mall nroo7la 
loo3a o mayeswa sara7a bas infarajat asareery marra thanya:p
laman sheft frozen yougurt 
yeeeey :)

fakart wayed a76 ryooli wayed asma3 3anna
bas mayatny eljor2a
broo7i yumkin
bas jidam el3alim laaaaaaaaa2
ma athman roo7i a9ar5 arafis lool simach mayndara sheysawee beryooli:P


hala walllla

jelly topping 
reega ma 7abeeta 
mathegta bs shakla may6ammin:s


mu malli bas 7abeet araweeekom els6yle :p


t7soooon manaby enjarib shay 7itta fak ha loooool
malna 5elg marath :p

belshar3 barra nag elli tabeeh o y6b5oonah 


ya salaaaaaaaaam menue raheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

art market may3teref eb shay esma mukayef
o 9annnnaaaaaa

ya mele7ha
tabeee etsaweeli manicure o padicure belshar3 ya 7elwech walla
o elthanya tgoooli 3ayal asaweelich message hala wallla
estreee7ooo bas :p

manather min mazar3 elaroooz(rise feilds)

manather min mazar3 elaroooz(rise feilds)

Obama !!!
mo7eebeenah wayed
ee weee yadita madry yaddah indonisi mu ?
wella kan 3ayesh hnak something like zat

sheybee3 hatha!!!
been elsayarat 
beeeth !!!
yuum garrab weela 5obez eb simsim
welnas 6ay7atla zara6:s

3eeeedkom mubarak mino yabby 3eedya 2 million ebeedy :P