السبت، 31 مارس 2012

help reach reach Autism


Kuwait Center for Autism (KCA) a non-profit charity organization established in 1994 aims to relieve the country's shortage in Educational Training, Diagnosis and Treatment of children with autism and strengthening all the amenities needed for these children.

Autism Day
Gulf Autism Union established by Dr. Samira Al-Saad in 1994 celebrates the International Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd 2012 by conducting different activities throughout the Gulf countries to highlight the understanding of ‘AUTISM’ for the better future of all children and adults with autism.

 help by wearing your ribbon on the 2nd of april

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السبت، 24 مارس 2012

My famouse bread pudding

Due to huge amount of requests am posting my easy tasty bread pudding dish
I ask u one thing to show me ur reaults after u do it

Ok lets start
1small kdd gaymar
1lactofil cream box from tsc
1 kdd whip cream big
1 nestle sweet milk big
2 pack of brioche or large toast from breadtalk
Chocolate nuttella or flake
All kindof ur favorate nuts

Step 1 mix all liquieds cream gaymar all together
Step2 Toast the toast in oven brownish if brioch cut it to peices and also in oven
Step3 put one layer on bottom of the plate u want
Step4 add the cream mix covering bread
Step5 either u makeit with nuts and sugerandcinamon or chocolate nuttela or any kind of chocolate and ur choiceof pecan and walnuts u can also add caramel sause it will taste so yumm
Step6 aftr putting layer of suger or chocolates add layer of the toast or brioch on
Step 7 now u add the cream again
Step 8 in the oven again just to make slight brownish
Step9 springle sliced almonds or suger and nuts or caramel sauce ro garnish ;)
Bonappitite very easy very tasty
ويالعافيه ادعووولي

وممكن وضعه ابكواب صغار

ملاحظة البودينج من اختراعي وليس من كتاب وشكرا
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الخميس، 22 مارس 2012

tagged by danderma

my dear danderma tagged me and i dont like taggs lool sorry danderma bas ur so dear am gonna answer this one bas other bloggers plz no tags

  • Post 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions I asked.
  • Tag 11 others and create (11) questions for them to answer.
  • Inform those that you have tagged.
  • No Tag Backs.

11 facts about me!
 1-i dont blend well with people i dont know
2-my face experssion says it all
3-i love food
4-am charming lol
5-am organized in my time and schedule all my week plan
6-iata3asar itha e5tarab jadwelly
7-if am cranky i am cranky stay away
8-am rude sometimes
9-i have zero tolerant to people crossing the line
10-dedicated mother
11-i have specific taste in things i might like them over and over forgetting i did or buy :p

  1.   What is your tried & tested motto?كل تعلومة بطراق
  2. Your favorite meal of all time is…?pizza
  3. What is one thing you can’t wait to be invented?in clothes ac
  4. Do you believe in soul mates?oohhh yaaa
  5. What is your favorite flower? haydranga
  6. Waking up to find ur self in back high school: A wish or a nightmare? wish
  7. What is the oldest item you own? a20 years bag
  8. iPhone, blackberry, or Galaxy? iphone+blackberry
  9. Who came first, the egg or the chicken? 3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa madry
  10. The best shampoo on earth is…? dove
  11. Do you believe there is life on other planets? no

i tag hmmmmmm

my q's
1- do u want to reveal ur identity one day?
2- do u read my blog?
3-whats ur mottto in life?
4-whats ur hobbies?
5-ur favorate blog?
6-what do u want to ask me?
7-do u beleive in love?
8-whats the most embarrassing thing ever u did ?
9-what is ur favorate food?
10-whats ur favorate tv show?
11-what did u fantasize  to be when u grow up before u were hit with reality :p ?

The chayshop

I was looking for mothers day gift and i aLways wanted to go and visit it since Am abig chay in istkana ❤

i loved everything in there

Specially the mug that lookslike istkana from outside

very friendly welcoming mashallla gave me and the kids turkish sweet

mwafgeern inshallla and well done a new kind of shop in kuwait in love with it soo much

Chayshop is located in alraya m2
shop number 22997874
twitter @chayshop

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الثلاثاء، 20 مارس 2012

wrappingmania u Rock girl

 i adore this one mashalla all of them are nice
photo shoot was by the talented justnoon :* great job dear

Stuck with mother's day wrapping ..
Looking for a box to put your gifts in.. 
Look no more ..

Wrapping Mania in collaboration with 52 degrees gives you the solution ..
Ready to gift boxes available now at 52 degrees - Shuwaick 
Limited quantities !!

Follow us on @wrappingmania - wrappingmania@gmail.com

الاثنين، 19 مارس 2012

Testing one more time from my iphone iff

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غش اشكره وخداع المواطنين باكاذيب لا اصل لها

 حدث في جمعيه الزهراء امس
صحفيين يزيحون السلع من الارفف وتصويرها خاليه 
وتعليق ورقه لا صحه لها بالاعتذار لعدم وجود السلع للاضراب الجمركي
اخس بس هالاشكاال ممكن تقص علينا
 الكويت بخير ياناس
ومحد بيمووت من اليوع
الله يكافينا شر الفتن والخدع في هذا البلد

شكرا لج بدرا ولصديقتج الشجاعه

السبت، 17 مارس 2012

الجمعة، 16 مارس 2012

mothers day suggestions

This Mother's Day , Madame Sucre is giving Moms jewelry that they can enjoy with some tea! 

The Vintage Jewelry Box has : 

1. Cushion cake { chocolate or red velvet } 
2. A Necklace : satin ribbon with sugarcookies & milk chocolate cameo 
3. Earrings of milk chocolate  pinned on Parisian Lavender Sachet that Moms get to keep after they enjoyed their desserts.
4. 5 pc of Vanilla White Chocolate Macarons 
5. A bed of fresh roses 
6. Mother's Day cameo jewel card 
For 45 kd 

Call 99515599.  { Limited Quantities } 
More photos on Madame Sucre Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Madame-Sucre/199824370033486?sk=photos

On instagram : @madamesucre
we have aso safi
A limited quantity of hand made unique gifts for your beloved mothers...
Taking The very vintage ritual of  the mothers day " Breakfast in bed" to the next level..
we offer Kuwaiti Breakfast items such as Qers ogaili - darabeel- lesan elthour- bagsam etc all in a ready tray or you may mix and match..
another trays filled with mini size 3 tiers cakes are available in 3 flavors & colors 
the Yellow tray :

is a Saffron infused cake with mixed  truffles  Almond - hazelnut brownie- and praline

The pink Tray :

A pistachio cake  with mixed truffles : oreo white chocolate truffle- bite size cheese cake - rangeena with cardamom- almond rose balls and chocolate caramel cones

The Blue Tray:

A pink Rose cake with  assorted Ghurayba and almond Ghurayba , Rangeenas, Rahash truffles and a caramel chocolate bite size cake


Tray are per order only..

we start accepting orders till March 19th ..

deliveries only for 40+ KD orders 

Safi Al Nuzha  block 3 
Tel : 22515818

تزامنا مع عيد الام وإيمانا بأهمية رسم الابتسامه في عيد الام وفي كل يوم على وجوه أمهاتنا  يقدم "تيبل توب" بين يديكم مجموعة جديدة ومميزة من أطقم الشاي و القهوة القيمة بالإضافة الى تشكيلة من الأواني و الاكسسوارات المنزلية الراقية  لتختار من بينها الهدية الملائمة لأغلى الناس

Mother's Day exclusive collection from Table Top provides luxurious coffee and tea sets plus unique collection of trays and home  accessories to chose from your special gift to the most precious person in your life

Burj Jasem - Alsoor street- Ground Floor 

Tel: 22960950

Twitter and Instagram: @tabletopKW


الثلاثاء، 13 مارس 2012

happy birthday fa6aim

 on a chilli night we had a surprise party in her sister garden
 ضرورية الدوة

 تنظيم وسنع ومنع ماصار ماشالله على نوفيا واختي
 يبنا ديب اند ديب ستايشون
 وبرجر كو ستايشون
ماشالله بيضوها شي قوي

 كيكه اسوووم سربرايز
 وكيكه فطيم
همن سربرايز
 بدعت جوجو لول
 كريب اكسترا كريسبي ازا بتريييييييييييييد
صراحه قفصنا من البرد  بس كانت خوووش حفله ملمومه وحبايب
واختيار الستايشووون ناااااار
كل شي لذيذ ماشالله
وكل سنه مانتووب ابرد ليله بالشتا نقعد برة لول