الخميس، 29 ديسمبر 2011

Instgram it people

Love instagram ?
Because zain is doing their first competition on instagram this weekend.

All you need to win is..
1. Take any picture with Zain logo, Name or a product.
2. Send it by email to Instagram.kw@kw.zain.com
3. Attach the picture, and your account name.
4. Zain will upload the photo on @ZainKuwait account and people will like the picture.
5. The competition will start today, and voting will end on Saturday night 11:59 pm
6. Most 5 liked pictures will get the Zain Camping bag :)

We would like if you can spread the word and participate as well, your readers and followers will love it.

Have a nice weekend and hope to see pictures from you..

Enjoy the weather!

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الأربعاء، 28 ديسمبر 2011

My omani friend is staying in my house yeeey

My omani friend zizi is coming to kuwait for the first time To get some stuff for her brother engagement party
I was so so so exited i told her she must stay in my house as guest specialy she is travelling alone without her husband
So i started preparing my guest room suite i wanted her to feel homy and relaxed and to feel like a hotel

Morning stuff like all kinds of cornflakes + mugs + suger + instant coffees 3 kinds

Snacks like crackers and biscuites and chips

Candy + gum +chocolate + flaveored popcorn

Boiler a must

Different kinds of tea

It felt like am having a sleepover as an adult
I never recall having a sleepover anytime in my life lool
Thats why i was a way from blogging those 3days

I enjoyed everyminute with my zeeez hope u enjoyed kuwait

الخنجر الطائر the new nickname of zeeez loooool

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الجمعة، 23 ديسمبر 2011

My home made chooclate lollipops

مرحبا. ذاك اليوم عندي ناس زايرين وطلع بخاطري اسوي حليبه دافيه وكاكاو ستيكس ؛)
كان خبري وحدة اتسوي بالبيت بس ماعرفت اوصل لها وميلك كافيه عنده بعد اب ١.٥ دينار وليشوس ابدينار والدرزن ابعشرة
مادري استغليته مادري مالي خلق ما شريت قلت فكرت اسوي انا بالبيت تروالي سهاله
لقيت عندي كاكاو الصيداوي ذوبته بحمام مائي وزهبت قوالب لقيت قالب واحد مال كاكاو ولقيت قالب كيك صغير قلت خلاجرب بالاثنين

فكرت ازيد سيرب زعفران مع الكاكاو بس يصص الكاكاو فلمن سويت بالكاكاو الابيض مازدت شي بس بالقالب حطيت فليك مفتت وصبيت القالب عليه وحطيت العواده عقب ما صك شوي

بالثلاجه خليته ساعتين وطلعته بسهاله من القالبين عقب. يبت سولوفان وقصصته مربعات وربطته بشرايط

وصراحه ماذاب عدل بالحليب

قلت اجرب نوع ثاني واو خطيييير ذاب بسرعه وبالفالب اسهل ومرتب وزدته ام اند امز حق اليهال وذاب بالحلييب خطييير

جربت نوع ثالث مال الكوكيز شوي علني بالصب وماداب بسرعه بس طعمه حلو وبالحليب ذاب شوي مو وايد

عقب ما غلفتهم لقيت عندي تبوب وبوكس كنت شاريه من ليشوس فطاير فيه ورجعت استخدمته وغلفته وودوه اليهال وياهم الحفله وكيفوو عليه الحمدالله

اتمنى اني فدتكم ابهالتجربه الظريفه اللطيفه

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الخميس، 22 ديسمبر 2011

Thank u zain

Actually i enveyed lots of bloggers had the camping gear bag from zain bas gelt 3alihom bel3afya o sij 3ad 5ooosh kit sara7a amazing idea
Yeet elbeeet wella alagy eljan6a metrez3a waaaay wanasa sara7a fara7t feeeha wayd ba5th ha atshee7a6 feeha belmazra3a hehehe thanks again zain u made my day with this lovely gift

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الجمعة، 16 ديسمبر 2011

lovely pink brunch @itspinko

got invited to a lovely event for a lovely person from even a lovelier person 
love u girls
and since it is on the Honor of Pinko
i thought of wearing pinkish stuff
and she is into shoes so i had to pick one special shoe for this event
my aennis eunis
 i wore my pink jacket since it is the only pink thing i have 
i love my bracelate collection :P

pink nailpolish +makeup
 colored it with 2 chanels brooches

 pink cupcakes with lips
so good 
from miss chocolate

 they had on the buffet one bowl donnow why i thought it was soup
then i looked in and it was sa7laaaaaaaab
yeeey i love sa7lab :p

ezgert their estakana 
fruit kababs for those healthy people who dont eat sweets :p
 and vowallla my kind of sweets
 the flower of our block was pinko we love u 
welcome back 
gonna miss u when ur back again
 mashallla everything looks fab and amazing
 pink trifful :p

 some pink giveaways on the way out
thank u jaz u looked fab as always

soooooooooooo cute and nice
thank u mira 
u rock
everything looked amazing

and the highlight of the event was that we collected all the girls Hermes bags and lined them up
and the photo looked  amaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzziiiiiinggggggggggggggggg
Thank u girls i had lots of fun and i got to meet some lovely girls
ps: some photos by @itspink and @dustyrose2011thank u

الثلاثاء، 13 ديسمبر 2011

u grill visit

 went to olympia mall to the restraunt u-grill i heard alot about it
the idea it self is tempting

 loved the dip of the bread + the bread was really soft and i was hungry loool

 appatiser dish hmmm i give 7/10
 and here is my pic of meat
 the grill
 chicken tryaky
 and chicken tandooori 
it was emm emmm gooood
food was 9/10
the waiter helped alot actually 
and the only comment was if it can be outdoor the grill since they have amazing outdoor area
bas they said no 
we had to smell like food all the time it is a bit annoying specially if ur going somewhere else after
 the view is amazing weather was just perfect
at night the guy says they serve from the menue and they serve shisha too
chocolate fondue 8/10
 cheesecake in a jar sooooo yummy 10/10
always an end with white coffee :p
love the place

الجمعة، 9 ديسمبر 2011

ماكنت ناويه اكتب هالبوست كنت بكتب عن شي ثاني

i cant stop crying plz dont ask why
i read this blog that my sis recomeended i read and i dont know why she told me to read it allah ysam7ich
وانا اعيييييط
هذا كان وضعي
بجي بجي بجي لين صكني راسي واستمرضت

الله يهنيكم ويرزقكم على نيتكم يارب

الأحد، 4 ديسمبر 2011

my lovely visit to fortune ccokie in olympia mall

 that day i wanted to go the ugrill restraunt and i passed by this amazing lovely charming shop 100% kuwaity


love the atmosphere its amazing i liked it since it was in karizma

here is a glimpse of whats there

i wana have them alll
brillient colorfull pillows
those bags are to die for
cuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee necklaces
i love those tshirts by Addicted
way zooooooga mu

store concept
our store is a Multi Brand fashion and lifestyle concept, inspired by a blend of a tradition kuwaiti identity interior with modern twist ..
from the oldest candy , amazing iconic actors to old home decor and great music .. all of that will give you a fun and unique experience of shopping .
at our store you can't expect what will you get but definitely a sweet treat of one of a kind ...pieces ..

concept of brand

we got our in house brand witch we get it made especially for us by other designers with our own vision ..
and we do carrie a wide variety of international designers with more than 50 designers/ brands from all over the world
fallow the trend with our eclectic mix of selective designer clothes , and our limited unique pieces of local and upcoming designers, as well as quirky lifestyle items and home interior accessories.
its not your average store its a place were fashionistas will appreciate

at fortune cookie today is your lucky day


Contact :965 94018600
Location: Olympia mall - 2nd floor
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