الخميس، 30 سبتمبر 2010

somebody stop me- We No Speak Americano

Oh My God
This is one of my greatest songs
love love love
it's playing in my head since i heard it
someone plz stop it
u know what don't stop it i like the song :p
though i cant sing it :P
i crack on the way he runs looool
enjoy it

الأربعاء، 29 سبتمبر 2010

best fresh out of scratch desert

 Oh my god rocky road and i have to put a fullstop .
cause i wont say no more something out of this world,
undiscribable ,
seriously i cant add any words on that,
mouthwatering just to  B mentioned
 look at those pretty boxes they r calling me
 nutella pancake amazing

creme brulee wooooow amazing taste 
the lady doing such lovely creation stopped for a while and now she is back
i was a long time customer of hers awal ma bido ashtry in exhibitions :p and stuff
i was so exited when i got the message through facebook
yeeeey more kilos to gain looooooooooool


I’m the one confection that makes you go “MMMmmmmmmmmm…”

I’m the particles that fly out once you open the box yup u can say that again

I’m the fine shreds of a sweetness that float on your desserts aaaaaaaahhhhhh

I’m the powdered sugar that makes your sweets sweeter

I tickle your senses and make your tummy smile  oo ya and giggle too

Try me.Powder.

call us on 99314515

aloooo anyone there help

how can i rotate a pic after its uploaded in the blog???!!!

الثلاثاء، 28 سبتمبر 2010

leopardmania part#3

Don't ask me why i just couldn't resist 
well not much rain in kuwait but its useful for me when i go to farm in the winter  cause my shoe or actually any shoe will be ruined there
i had on my buy list Hunter boots i had to have one bas ya what the heck those r prettier :) yeeey  more leopard for me :p
plus sooooooo cheap 14 something  12.5kd i gusse from debenhams :)

الاثنين، 27 سبتمبر 2010

leopard mania part2

the leopard madness is all around the world i just got those photos fresh from milan shops in italy lovely milan aaaahhhh wish i was there :p
unfortunately as picky as i am still didn't find The one  , The it bag  got that i will surprise u when i receive it, The it shoe.

الأحد، 26 سبتمبر 2010

look what i found in sul6an :P

of course sul6an centere is my place to go each week i have to pay avisit:)
and this week i found at the freezer 
starbucks icecream
and a variety tooo
this is for u sis
kint bayeeblich bas e7tert shayeeblich
so go get urself what u want:P

السبت، 25 سبتمبر 2010

free kk:)

make today specialحلي يومك 

well am not a kk (krispy kream) person am a DD (dunkin donuts) person:p
bas etyeeny 3arat KK sometimes 
today at 360 mall i was passing by and they were giving away boxes of kk donuts for free  i told my maid to get her a box and the other one also :p so they can enjoy the free offer with us  :p

6 original   assorted in a pack they were fresh and tasty
thank u krispy kream :p

الجمعة، 24 سبتمبر 2010

my latest projects;p

well am into personalizing stuff a lot and i mean a lot i love to have names anicials on my stuff and am sure a lot more like it too :p
so a dear friend of mine gave birth to a baby boy and i was planning to make her a whole bunch of personalized stuff from potterybarn kids things there are more than amazing 
bas my sis was planning to do that so didnt want to ruine her plans so i went to make my own gift :p
well it took me a whole week coming going looking for the rught plane shirts :p and looking for words to put on it may sound sill bas i like my things to be perfect:p
so here it is 
انا عزوز-لاتخزني-نعم!-bib 50%mom%50dad- 3azooz

هلا والله -عبدالعزيز -mom+dad=moi -mu mom manora is gorgous -and ablanket abdulaziz عبدالعزيز

i'am abdulaziz and am not a terrorist

please ممنوع التقرص

and that how it looked over all with of course little extra stuff that i couldnt resist like i love mom and i love dad pj and a realy cute acdc mini shirt:p
hope mama manoora like it:p

الخميس، 23 سبتمبر 2010

i give it up to u super mom"licia ronzulli"

 wow i really give it up to her it's amazing what she did and i really really admire her .
woman u r a super MOM . God bless u

La mamma deputata Licia Ronzulli si racconta: "Porterò ancora Vittoria in aula"

don't know what that means bas i  am gussing same same i wrote:p

and the SlS winner iz...............

Ya big bommer it wasnt me:p 

فاز عميل بنك الكويت الوطني فارس أحمد عبدالله المحري بسيارة المرسيدس كوبيه فئة SLS AMG موديل2011 الفاخرة، في السحب الثالث والأخير من حملة بطاقات الوطني في مقر البنك الرئيسي. وقد منحت هذه الحملة، التي انطلقت في الأول من يونيو واستمرت حتى 14 سبتمبر الجاري، حاملي بطاقات الوطني فرصا لدخول سحوبات للفوز بإحدى 3 سيارات مرسيدس فاخرة، بمجرد استخدامهم أيا من بطاقات الوطني خارج الكويت أو داخلها. وبهذه المناسبة، قال نائب مدير عام مجموعة الخدمات المصرفية الشخصية في بنك الكويت الوطني عبدالله النجران التويجري «ان بنك الكويت الوطني باعتباره مؤسسة مصرفية رائدة يسعى دائما إلى تجاوز توقعات العملاء ويحرص على ابتكار أرقى وأفضل الخدمات والمنتجات المصرفية المترافقة بعروض مجزية ومزايا عديدة، ولاسيما في مجال البطاقات التي يتصدر الوطني سوقها على المستويين المحلي والإقليمي باعتباره أحد أهم مصدري البطاقات». من جهته، أعرب الفائز فارس المحري عن سعادته البالغة بفوزه بهذه الجائزة القيمة، قائلا «أشكر بنك الكويت الوطني على هذه السيارة الفخمة. وقد عودنا الوطني على عروضه المميزة وخدماته الرائدة والراقية، وقد أثبت مجددا من خلال هذه الحملة ريادته المصرفية في السوق المحلي».

ماشالله الله يهنيه ويباركله فيها 
عندي اقتراحات للاخ فارس

لازم يقعد بالبيت يقرا على نفسه البقرة والمعوذات والرقية الف مرة
وبعدين يصور اهو واهله وربعه مع السيارة
عقب يردها الوكالة يبيعها
لانه نص اهل الكويت وزوار الافنيوز عينهم عليها
اولهم خدامتي تقول ماي دريم كار :)

الأربعاء، 22 سبتمبر 2010

ok am bad soo bad in techs so helb me

i wish just wish i was smart in technology bla5
they tell u its easy this and that 
iphone iphone o eyannin
and then i find out its a blank
i have to upload everything i want
another wee3
min lah 5elg
la o te6la3li kil shawy updates
asawee register i tune
ta3aly eshty cards
fill in the blanks
then buy ur stuff
each purchase ta3al 7i6 elragm elsrri
ridday sawee lah connect on ur laptop
waaaaaaaaaaaay looo3a
elmohem shareet awal i phone from the states 7itta ma kan fi belkuwait
Actually it was a gift thankx sis she papmers me
andd i had nokia so this was heaven
ba3deen abeeeh chinna mu li the phone sooo comlicated kil shway i call brother 
and my brother hates apple so am like cursing him each time i call to ask anything
cause he is our teach freak in the house
then my husband got bored of me and i think i look so so dump cause each time
he is like what u dont know how to do that
shlooon mat3arfeen
hatha sahil hatha aslan 7ag elnas elli may3arfoon tech
chinnna chinnnna yagsedny
elmohem i used it for couple of days o ma3ndy internet access 
and i gusse thats why i hated it at first 
a6er wifi
o free apps 
any ways i saw that i was behind la 56ab la 3azayem lanikat a5bar wala shay yosalny
3alaboo ma3ndy bb
la youba a5th bb leesh ma a5th wala mathalat el iphone
so i got one and till now i have it
and i use the bb for alo bye and bbm only
very stupid phone 
i like :p

abeeeh gissat 7ayaty leesh!!!

elzbda :
how do i blog from my bb or iphone
ana mafy ya3raf!!

leopard mania

am going coco over leopard now , actually i always have bas everyone is like who wears animals prints are u from jersey !!
bas now i can perform my passion wide open and wear it with pride yeeeeeeeeey
3ala golat elkuwaitieen tiger

so here is a list of my next options for my leopard bag 
which i will find i shall tell u later 
now am in the hunt stage 
and the trophy is not found yet:p

number one:
i shall sound shallow now bas this bag was in my list bas when kk wore it i fell in love with it more
price tag$1,795.00

number  two:

peekabo peekabo and more peekabo
i have to say Fendi new designer had jumped over an expectation he shaked a dead brand to a very wanted brand my god i was killing my self to have the spy bag ooohhh and i have realy nice collection i love them dearly and now peekaboo er7amooonnnnaaa anla7ig raass:P

bas obviously am takin a nother peekabo:p
cant get enough of them
ps the grey one is in the sal7ya Fendi boutique bas 7aseet ha tiger chetheeeboo

number  three:

mulberry hathy elmarka elli faj2a e6la3at 6ool 3omerha maleega o malha salfa bas nazalooo this model the

الثلاثاء، 21 سبتمبر 2010

my new it bag

The reps in charge told that Hermes is refurbishing its Madison Avenue, New York, store with the goal of adding an entire floor dedicated to leather goods.
The floor will also feature an in-house leather work station that can restore your Hermes bag if its looking a little worn and torn.
The opening of the floor will feature the U.S. launch of Hermes limited edition “So Black” collection.
Expect this to happen sometime next week, in the middle of fashion week, natch.


yes that is it
i was ran over twise and killed when i saw that though am a birkin gal not a kelly bas weeen bas aseedha weeeeen
u wana kill me tell me if soething is limited or personlised or numbered theb7oooooooooooni.
al7iiiin elzebda weeeen alageeeha iiifffff and how much:P

الاثنين، 20 سبتمبر 2010

my first post

wow this is my first post always wanted to open a blog i dont know when am gonna write in it or if i have the time for it bas at least i have a blog .


thanx for the support who ever u r